You put thought and love into your personal treasures and should ask no less of us. Occasions is up to the challenge!

  • For security of your jewelry, we photograph every item that you place in our care. We also fingerprint any large diamond using our Gemprint technology.
  • Each of our jewelers has a microscope at their workstation. This allows them to see and fix microscopic issues before they turn into big problems.
  • Our computer guided engraving technology allows for smaller and more precise engravings.
  • Only using new clean gold keeps any foreign contaminates from making your jewelry brittle.
  • Our in-house craftsmen are true masters, continually studying and updating their methods with the latest techniques.
  • Our secret weapon? It’s our Rofin Star Weld 6002 Laser. It delivers a weld 70% stronger than traditional jewelry welds. It also allows for smaller, more intricate work. It’s awesome.
  • Our special polishing compounds and 4 step rhodium process makes white gold shine like crystal.
  • After repair, your jewelry goes through 3 quality control levels to insure that we took care of you correctly the first time.