About Us

Occasions Fine Jewelry started in the back of Service Drug by my father, Mike Fleck, in 1989. He had an old roll top desk that he turned into a repair bench, a jewelry case, and a card table. While not the ideal start, Midlanders responded to Mike’s full bellied laugh and passion. It wasn’t long before he outgrew his little corner and had to rent a small retail space and hire Occasions’ first employee my stepmom Cathy Fleck. The two of them formed a dynamic duo. They learned how to really take care of a client, speak to the town of Midland in a real way, and pass that information along to the many other employees that followed. It seems like every time we moved to a new location, we would soon be too big and have to move again until 2008 when we purchased a rundown old Denny’s and turned into our current home.

I, Michael Fleck, joined the team in 2009. After a brief 6 year period for College and work away from the family business, I came home to take the reins and let my father and stepmother goof off for once. It never takes long to realize that you are happy. It was that happiness, that took Occasions Fine Jewelry to new heights. I have instilled in me a passion and a moral compass from my family. I have also been able to innovate and find new ways to experience jewelry. On July 1st 2014 I purchased the store from my father. I am looking forward to next chapters of Occasions Fine Jewelry.

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