We Believe

1.      We believe in putting the real price on every item, not an inflated price!

2.      We believe in repairing our jewelry when you’ve loved it too much, for FREE.

3.      We believe no matter how you're dressed or what you spend, EVERYONE is welcome in our store.

4.      We believe in sizing it the DAY you buy it.

5.      We believe in using fresh materials, never melted scrap.

6.      We believe really listening solves almost everything.

7.      We believe in using new technology that saves you (and us) a lot of Time and Money.

8.      We believe low quality is never a good value.

9.      We believe happy employees create happy customers!

10. We believe in real conversations.

11. We believe in new ideas.

12. We believe in the perfect cup of coffee.

13. We believe gift wrapping should be available, free, and PURPLE.

14. We believe we are in the “preserving memories and creating new ones” business.

15. We believe true West Texas hospitality is a right, not a privilege.

16. We believe in FAMILY over business, good wages, and low turnover.

17. We believe in improving the community of Midland through charity and service.

18. We believe in raising your perception of what a jewelry store ought to be.